Saturday, December 26, 2009

North Pole Postmark/Cancellation for your 2010 Santa Letters

Please feel free to copy our 2010 North Pole postmark, sometimes referred to as a cancellation mark, for your letters from Santa.

How to get a North Pole postmark on your Santa letter

How do I get the North Pole Postmark? We suggest that you do the following to get your postmark on your Santa letter or envelope from the North Pole:

  • First, place your 'cursor' over the image of the North Pole Postmark and then 'right click'. You will now see a drop-down menu where you should 'click' on 'copy' or 'save image as' ...naming the picture file whatever you would like.

  • After you have copied the image you should open 'MS Paint' or whatever image editor you use and right click. A drop-down menu will offer you the 'paste' option. Click on paste and the postmark should appear. You can print the image and cut it and glue it to your letter or envelope. If you are a teacher needing many North postmarks, we suggest pasting several images to a Word Document and printing then.